With  85 kilometres perimeter  and 131 square kilometres of total surface, Kea is one of the biggest islands of Cyclades. Kea is also the nearest island to Attica. Its harbour distance is hardly 40 miles from Piraeus harbour , and just 12 miles from Lavrion harbour (duration of the travel is one hour). The island’s capital is Ioylida. Kea, with its virgin beaches, but also with a network of paths with total length of 36 km, is considered as an ideal place to stay. Smiley people, a lot of sunshine and a great local kitchen are waiting for you.


Synarmosis team designed an underground building, which apart from the improvement of his energy imprint, accomplishes succesfully, to hide its volume and it is completely harmonised with its natural surroundings. This type of  building, is trying to create an interesting and essential reconcilliation, between the built environment and the elements of nature Choosing underground building we also obtain the smallest possible intervention on the natural bas-relief.