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  • Vasileios Koumpoulas

    Vasileios Koumpoulas

    He is a Civil Engineer with 13 years of professional experience in designing and executing all kinds of civil engineering works. He heads the Technical Department of Synarmosis S.A.

  • Helen Papadatou

    Helen Papadatou

    She is a renovation and restoration engineer, executive officer in Synarmosis S.A., with five years of professional experience in the design and reconstruction of old buildings (listed or not). She also specializes…

  • Dr.Giorgos Mylonas

    Dr.Giorgos Mylonas

    Dr. Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in building energy efficiency and electromechanical studies. Mechanical Engineer

  • Nikos Filios

    Nikos Filios

    He is an Architecτ Engineer with 5 years of professional experience specializing in the redesign and construction of existing buildings.

  • Charalampos Eleftheriou

    Charalampos Eleftheriou

    He is a Surveying Engineer with 20 years of experience in topographic surveying and construction supervision.

  • Niovi Zarkada

    Niovi Zarkada

    She is an interior designer with 3 years of experience in the study , design of special structures and responsible as a supervisor of these projects.