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  • Athanasios Nikitas

    Athanasios Nikitas

    He is a foreman with 22 years of experience in electromechanical installations and supervision of construction works.

  • Riza Kafaraj

    Riza Kafaraj

    He is a Construction Field Technician with 20 years experience in electrical and plumping installations.

  • Markos Adamakis

    3D Generalist with 5 years of professional experience in asset creation and animation in the field of VFX, gaming and architectural visualization.

  • George Nikolakakis

    George Nikolakakis

    He is A/C & Refrigeration Technician, with 20 years experience in installation and support of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, in retail or residential buildings

  • George Xristinas

    George Xristinas

    He is a maintenance & construction specialist with 25 years of experience design and construction of water elements.

  • Tasos Kalaintzis

    Tasos Kalaintzis

    He is IT expert, with 21 years of experience in installing and supporting technology systems.