Panagia Residence prized by the International Property Awards


Since its establishment in 1997, Synarmosis is distinguished for the quality of service offered to its clientele and the remarkable achievements it has realized in advisory, management and real estate development projects. A sound proof of this statement came from the “International Property Awards”, a prestigious organization, dedicated to award excelling residential and commercial properties around the globe. Following a strong competition, Synarmosis won the “Best Single Unit Property” for Europe, an always fiercely contested title by many candidates. The organisation of “International Property Awards” aims at distinguishing and rewarding the outperforming companies in all sectors of the real estate industry. A prize from this Organisation is a world-renowned mark of excellence. All of us in Synarmosis feel proud of this distinction and promise to continue working hard to keep our clients highly satisfied, based on our philosophy of integrated approach, along with our commitment to concrete results.